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$1000 USD to CNY Fee FX rate** Receive Extra cost Speed***
$07.10¥7,101¥0 Same day
Bank Exchange*$06.65¥6,648¥453 2-3 days
Wire Transfer*$457.01¥6,694¥407 2-3 days
PayPal$26.90¥6,887¥214 Same day
Western Union$137.03¥6,938¥163 1-4 days
Up To

Savings On
Transaction Cost
* Typical Bank uses Bank of America data as an example
** Fee and Rate fluctuate by date. Example transaction is as of 5/10/2020
*** Unlike banks and money stores are subject to weekend and holiday delay, Svim is 24 hours by 7 days

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Simply complete transactions 24x7 wherever with internet access. Cut the hassle to visit a store or branch and limitation of their operation hours or holidays.

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We require full verification on every user and adopt advanced security & encryption practices to protect sensitive data on Amazon AWS servers.

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Banks or money exchange stores take 2 to 4 business days to move money, despite their aggressive fees. Get the deal done with our platform within hours or even minutes.

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Match with verified users like yourself to directly exchange currency. We cut the middleman so say goodbye to hefty bank fees and outrageous exchange rates.

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Works in Shenzhen

"I compared different options and eventually tried SVIM and never regret it!"



"Svim made it very conveniently for me to convert the US dollar income into Chinese Yuan so that I can save to my bank account in China. Fast and easy process, will recommend to my friends."


Lives in the US for 10yrs

"From start to finish, I spent 5 minutes to send USD with my Paypal account and receive CNY in my Alipay account, ready to spend."


Studies in China

"The money exchange process is super easy for me. With Svim, I had RMB to spend moment I land in China."

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